Life || I turned 22

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Every year, my brithday makes me think. I have always seen adults as old, borring, serious people, completely out of fashion and "outdated", and as if they always knew every single thing they were doing in their lives. Like they had their lives sorted out and I thought I could never be like that. Well, at least until I realised I was grown-up, and that grown-ups don't have their lives figured out at all. Most people say they'd like to go back in time to their childhoods, but I don't. Is there anything better than being the owner of your life? Not for me. If you fight hard enough you can decide what to do with your life and actually do it. For many, the downside is the responsabilities but it is only a downside if you're not in charge of your life. Unexpected things come up, and most times we're not ready to deal with them, but I do believe we only live once and we must not give up. Many times it seems we're carrying the world on our shoulders and sometimes it brings us down, as it should. But whoelse but us can lift us up, right?
Maybe in a few years I'll change my opinion, maybe I'll give everything to go back to being a child, maybe if life is bad with me. 'Till then, I'll be happier every year.

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