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My fascination by British things is obvious - you can just look at the title of this blog - hence, I could not resist watching the new Victoria series.

The story begins in 1837, when King William IV of England dies, and Victoria, his niece, rises to the trone with only 18 years old. As the story goes, Victoria faces many challenges and grows and learns with them, from learning the basics of being a queen, to rule the country together with the Prime-Minister, Lord Melbourne, to have to choose a husband. Major spoiler: we all know who she ended up marrying, with the tons of museums and monuments dedicated to Victoria and Albert.

I do like the series, but it could've been much better. Take Downton Abbey: things happen slowly, like in real life. In Victoria, everything's rushed, half a dozen episodes and she's already married. I'd love they took a little more time and detail some aspects of life back then and actually see the Queen thinking about thing and not rush into conclusions.

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